£10 a week food challenge


I decided to take this challenge last Saturday as I did my first food shopping in the new city I just moved in (on Friday). I am not the kind of person who tries to save on food because I think nutrition is the most important thing not to save on (and health) and I love eating. But I found myself in the situation where just after moving I had to pay my first rent and the deposit for my new flat, whereas the first paycheck will be received in a couple of weeks, so long story short I have to count pennies for a bit.

When I went to shop for the first time I though that I should try to spend no more than £10 and I still had to fill up the fridge with essentials. Bare in mind though that I had brought with me some ready to make vegetable and cereal soup, a tomato sauce for pasta, honey, chocolate cookies (bought at the airport) and a can of beans. I will also not have lunch at home during the week because of work.

My check at the end of the shopping trip contained the following:

- 10 pork sausages
- 1 pint of milk
- 1 cucumber (I chose the biggest one I could find as the price is fixed)
- 1 pack of fortified Branflakes (I chose the shop line over Kellog's)
- 4 lemon and merengue yogurts
- 1 pack of reduced strawberries (again I picked the one with the biggest strawberries)
- 1 iceberg lettuce
- 1 pack of pasta

For this shopping I payed £9.94, so slightly less than my budget. I want to explain why I chose these products as I feel this is very important: I made sure I did not skip any of the food groups, there is vegetables and fruits, diary for calcium, carbs from the pasta and the bran flakes and proteins from meat. I was to stress that I am absolutely not willing to compromise my healthy diet because of my lack of funds. 

I am right now at the start of this "challenge" and will write a post at the end of the week to tell you how it went. But my general idea here is that:

  1. Milk and cereals will make my breakfasts with a spoonful of honey, and when the milk will be finished it will be yogurt with cereals.
  2. strawberries and cookies will be my afternoon snacks post-work
  3. pork sausages can be incorporated in the tomato pasta sauce or can be done on their own
  4. beans work as a side dish for main meals but they are also delicious as beans on toast for breakfast or snack
Most generally and importantly I have to resist the calling from inside food shops for crisps and ready made food or sushi and chinese takeaways.

Let the challenge begin!

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