Lipstick Obsession- Chanel, Rimmel, MAC and Artdeco


Maybe because I have big lips or maybe I always found fascinating, slightly sexual, the way a woman puts on lipstick. It does not require pulling and making weird faces, you just open slightly your mouth, looking at the reflection of your lips in your pocket mirror and apply some colour. Lipstick colours also don't have so many strict rules as eyeshadows have. You can  wear any lipstick in the world and it will probably suit you, you might not like it, but it won't clash on your face.

As a confession, I can say that putting on lipstick really lifts my mood, I put some when I feel a bit worn out, even if I just end up staying at home. So here is a roundup of my favourite lipsticks.

1) Chanel Coco Rouge in Teheran. I am generally a fan of pinkish shades, I am not bold enough to pull reds, especially during the day. So this one would be definitely one I would wear everyday, it's the perfect shade because it is not too pink but also not too nude. It certainly gives that French allure we all want.

2) MAC Victoriana and Cherry lipstick pencil. They are amazing together, the wonderfully helpful mua at MAC helped me select these as I was looking for a darker and fuller colour. I have fair skin so a more purple colour is better than an orangey one. I am absolutely helpless without the lip pencil as it really gives a great definition to the lips. Again I have quite full and big ones so I really don't want to apply a blotch of colour that looks like an undefined big red spot on my face.

3) Rimmel 900 Pink Blush. This is my everyday lipstick, pink and soft, not too noticeable but slightly shiny and pink. It is great for both summer and winter,a s in summer it will make you look more tanned, while in winter it won't clash too much with your pallor. It is also pretty cheap and long lasting, always pros.

4) Rimmel Kate collection 05. This is a great slightly dark lipstick, the first one I ever bought (oh the memories!) great for a night out, it is less definite that the MAC lipstick so it can work for the day as well or fore a more laidback situation.

5)And last is Artdeco Hydra 22 Infrared. I am emotionally attached to this one as it was a Christmas present from my mom. The packaging is really sleek and elegant, just like the Chanel lipsticks. The colour has a bit of a shine in it and tend more on the orangey spectrum, but somehow it perfectly fits my skin colour. Moms always know best, right?

These are my top 5 lipsticks, which ones are yours?

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