How to make jewelery look expensive


Jewelery is a big obsession for women, those shiny beautiful diamonds, since the dawn of history indicating wealth and beauty, decorating men and women. Liz Taylor used to say she felt naked without jewels on, Marylin sung about them as "a girl's best friends" and still up today the Chopard ads and Bulgari photoshoots make our heads spin.

Still not all of us can afford them, and most of us can't affford as many as we actually want. Everyone has at least once gave in to the temptation to buy fakes, bijoux and we were all let down at least once by them, those blue stains on our fingersand earlobes? Checked. Stones that fall off? Double checked again. So here are some tips on how to maintain those bijoux as long as possible and how to chose them in order to look more expensive hen they actually are.

First of all, as soon as you buy your new jewels coat them with some transparent nail polish, it will preserve longer the coating and the won't turn blue/brown/black and won't stain your fingers, and it will make them look shinier, a property of the authentic precious metals and stones. You are basically cheating light into transforming the piece of glass on your necklace into at least a semi-precious stone.

Stones. Stones are the most difficult thing to fake, even precious stones can be divided according to quality, and no, a £10 ring with a red stone cannot pass as a badly cut ruby. Even Swarovsky crystals can be distinguished from the real thing. So try to avoid statement necklaces or bangs or earrings, they are fake and look fake.

The best way to go is subtle, thin jewels, in the simple colours of precious metals, i.e. gold and silver. You can vary shapes, compositions and number. Do not go for jewels that spell worlds or have too many too colorful charms, if fake, they look taky.

Don't buy fake copies of famous jewels, really, everyone will notice, no need to show off something you can't afford.

Nails should always be perfect when wearing rings, either have them done or without nail polish, but half there colour or bitten nails are a no-no.

A tip for what concerns watches. Watches are expensive, overly expensive, but the thing that gives away the cheap ones is the false leather. False leather can look like the real one, but actually is less flexible and after a while it breaks down literally. Consider changing only those parts with real leather, it will cost you aroung £10, but upgrade the look  of your watch by miles!

One last thing, don't buy too many bijoux, buy some that you can combine with others and save on buying that pair of earrings that you saw in that shop window.

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  1. Great tips! I love the one about the clear nail polish, I'd never thought of that before x

    1. It's not something you always thing about, but after too many blue fingers something had to be done x Lovely blog btw :)