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We've long heard about those long flight beauty routines, we all saw Lisa Eldrige's youtube video about it, and also Ruth Crilly's. But what if our flight is short (i.e. up to 5hours), what if we don't have time, and actually think it's exagerated, to put on mask, toner, cleanser, and 3 different moisturising layers? I get you, I fly quite frequently, on average once a month, and I also can feel how my skin goes dry and irritated after 4h in the plane, and I have to count very drastic weather changes.

I tend not to carry any liquids in my carry on bag, as I really don't want security to stop me because I forgot to take the toothpaste out, and I also like to travel light and not to carry around an extra 300g of stuff on my shoulder, as I love duty free shopping. As everyone I always get early enough to the airport, leaving a good hour before gates open, in the mean time I get my free luxury make-over at the duty free. How do I do that? Testers!

So here is the guide for a complete luxury beauty stop before boarding your flight.

First of all leave home with your face completely clean, (cleansers are more difficult to find as testers) don't apply any moisturizer or toner or anything, you will put them on at the airport. As you get to the duty free area go to the bathroom and wash your hands (bacteria are everywhere at the airport!).

Then go to the counters, usually shopping assistants are quite busy, so they won't bother you too much with questions. Put on products that you heard of and wanted to try or simply go to the most expensive conters, i.e. Chanel, La Prairie, Sisley, La Mer, Givenchy, you know them. Then just start layering on, mixing and matching if you want.

Start with toning, essence, moisturizer, eye cream, hand cream, lip balm and finish off with some mist (you are still going to get your skin dried out in the plane, so don't be afraid to over do). If you want and have extra time just go to a make up counter (MAC is always amazing) and tell them you are looking for a bold lipstick, or a new liner, they will do it for you for free, don't worry they are used to it.

I personally go to the Chanel counters and use their Hydra Beauty range, it's amazing for my skin, but a pain for my pocket, so I just use their gel cream, mist and lip balm, Shisheido has some cream toners and softners ( for example the Ibuki one- a wonder on the pores), I do eye cream at La Prairie, as eye area is always delicate and I only want top products and I love L'Occitane hand creams.

Oh I almost forgot, A spritz of a new parfume you want to try will finish off this pampering, luxiurious and free beauty stop!

What is your flight beauty routine?

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