Outfit of the week- on Gisele Bunchen and supermodels


This time I choose I less traditional outfit of the week, in fact this look was just rocked by Gisele Bunchen in her last even catwalk. The supermodel had her last walk at the Sao Paolo Fashion Week, a nice way to tribute her Brazilian origins. The lucky designer was Colcci, who is probably enjoying now a good dose of exposure because of the event.

This look is extremely summery, the dress itself it's lovely, but I am afraid would look so good only on a very tall and slim model, just as Gisele is. I really loved the gladiator sandals, they are so elegant and upbeat an otherwise pretty simple look.

Whatever Gisele has in mind now for her career, I am sure it will be as bright as her path so far. Has the world lost a great model? I think it did, she is in my opinion the real last supermodel (her and Kate Moss), a name bigger than a brand itself. But every tale must come to an end, and this has been a pretty good story.

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