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It's no secret that one of my favourite current models is Sara Sampaio, she is just adorable, exactly the kind of girl I like, smily, happy and enthusiast. I like girls how have fun and are playful, without trying too hard. And then, there is her look, she's a Victoria's Secret model, of course she is wonderful, not too skinny, slightly tanned with those blue-green piercing eyes.

Some time ago, Nylon magazine had a video interview with her, where she explained her makeup secrets and products (you can watch it here). Of course she is quite high maintenance, and not all of us can buy a Estée Lauder foundation AND a Benefit Watt's Up highlighter AND Shiseido lashcurlers.

Nevertheless her makeup routine is quite simple afterall she's a model with perfect skin, duh! So it's quite easy to recreate her summery-glowy look with good cheaper products. Here's a list:

1) Sara starts with the eyelash-curler, she uses the Shiseido one, as she says "it's the only one that can fit my whole eye", bottom line here is buy one that you know can cover up all of your lashes, if your eyes are very big, then you might want to invest in the Shiseido one.  Eyelash curling will make your eyes pop even wthout the need of tons of mascara and eyeliner.

2) Mascara, Sara uses the Maybelline Volume Express, this one is a common drugstore mascara, but believe me no one can make better mascaras then Maybelline (that's how their business started anyway), I personally use the Colossal Volume Express as I like how the wand is structured, slighly curved, as I have very short lashes and it covers them all.

3) Bronzer, the one used by Sara is the Victoria Secret Baked Mineral one, but since the company has recently shut down the makeup department (which was actually pretty good and cheap) you can either try to find it on Ebay or opt for something else. If you choose the latter KIKO Milano makes very good bronzers, after all they're an Italian company and italian girls always like a good tan! KIKO has a very good quality to price ratio and loads on colours and palettes you can choose from.

4) Sara also mentions that she doesn't usually wear foundation, but when she has to cover blemishes or spots she uses the Estée Lauder Double Wear one, which comes at $37, on the other side she doesn't wear concealer at all, and "rocks her dark circles". So here the choice is to you, if your skin is pretty clear you can buy only the foundation and not a concealer, but if you feel like you need both then opt for a cheaper foundation. The Rimmel Wake Me Up works wonders, and it is slightly stranslucent, so it really gives you a nice glowy skin.

5) Lpstick. Sara mentions the Nars make up pencil in Velvet Matte. We all know that Nars is a quite expensive company even though their lipsticks are pretty good. If you want to spend less definitely head over topshop, their lipsticks are a hidden gem, covering a lot of shades, you will surely find a colour you will love.
The key factor here is the matte finish, that Sara loves, but only on the lips (read no powder on your foundation).

6) To highlight her features Sara uses Benefit Watt's up, which I have myself, and it's amazing. But if it's your first highlighter and you are not sure if you'll like its effect then don't waste 20+ pounds on something you might not like. Try the highlighters that KIKO Milano produces, they have two shades, pink and gold. Pink generally goes better on older, palers skins, while the gold one is better on youger, darker skins; however this is not a fixed rule, just buy what you think you'd like to see more. I think the gold one will go better with the bronzer, as it will just be a lighter shade, not a different colour.

That's it, that's how Sara Sampaio gets her every day look. Would you try that on yourself? What products would you use? :)

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