Minimalist summer holiday


Summer has always been the best moment to refresh my life style. Some people prefer the new year, it's more symbolic, but for me summer represents holidays and chance to travel, destress and learn something new. Summer has also always been quite minimalist for me, maybe because what I usually do is stroll from home to the beach and then go out usually with my bikini under a dress, but somehow it has always been my detox season.

So here is how to have your own minimalist summer, or holiday.

1) Sunscreen. It goes beyond saying, it's all you really need. Get a good one that has moisturising properties as well so you don't have to carry around thousands of skincare products. Sometimes just leaving your skin in peace, to do it own thing, it's the best. Don't overwork it, don't overmoisturise it, don't overclean it. the sun has good antimicrobial properties, and gives you a nice vitamin D boost. Just protect it with a good sunblock.

2) Book. It's always nice carrying a book around in summer, it give a specific feeling to your holiday. Somehow the books I read during a specific holiday influence the way I remember it. Don't carry around some massive book though, it's very heavy and unpractical. "Bonjour tristesse" by Francoise Sagan, "Tender is the night" by Fitzgerald or "The sun also rises" by Hemingway are all relatively small books, set in summer between the South of France and Spain. They are total gems that everyone should read anyway.

3) One pair of earrings, one necklace, one ring. That's all you need in your jewellery box. You only need them at night if you go for a cocktail or for a dance, you don't want to lose them swimming in the sea or in the pool. A nice tan is the only accessory you need anyway. Snö of Sweden makes some adorable silver jewels.

4) Eau thermale Avène. The miracle in a bottle, it's amazing how just some thermal water can make such a big difference on the skin. Spray it during sunbathing and afterwards.

5) A lipstick. That's all the makeup you want to have with you. The sun will tighten your skin just like a toner, the nice glow you'll get will be your foundation, and the stress-free holiday will be your concealer. A lipstick, maybe dark, maybe coral will just give that little bit of extra polishness you need.

6)Meditation app. I use the one called "Breathe", it is freee on the Apple store and has various types of meditation programs, all quite short and easy to follow.

With only these little things you'll see that you need only a cabin bag to travel. No more stress, no more panting while carrying your luggage around some little cobbled streets in Italy. Just enjoy your holiday, rewind and live minimalistically for a while.

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