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In the last month I switched around a bit the beauty products I use daily, spring has been around for a month or so, but rainy coldish days have interrupeted the warming up process. My skin also seems to have made peace with me and it looks quite good, not so much redness and oilyness. On the other hand, the end of exam season left me with a good pair of dark circles, which are not probably going to get better as I will be working all summer. But here are the products that made me survive this month:

1) Eau Thermale Avène. An incredible product, I am not really sure how just a spritz of water, even if thermal, can do such wonders on the skin, but it does and I bring it with me everywhere. I cut down on moisturising my skin and do it just once a day now in the evening but I spritz this water in the morning and evening and sometimes in between.

2) MAC BB cream. When I feel like I need a bit of coverage I go for this one, it has a very good broad spectrum protection of 35spf and it is slighly moisturising.

3) YSL Touche Eclat. The product. Simple, light-weight, I use it as a concealer under my eyes as it blends in perfectly with my makeup free skin. As I said my skin has been very generous with me lately so I need just very little touch ups and not a full makeup face.

4) Yves rocher brown mascara. This has been a staple for me, I bought this mascara for uìyears, because there is nothing better for a no-makeup look. My lashes are very short and light in colour, so a black mascara on its own looks quite fake, it emphasises my under eye circles and the shortness of said lashes. This one though has no specific effect, doesn't really make them look longer or with more volume, it just adds a bit of colour that looks natural with my overall complex and hair colour. It's just great for spring.

5) Chanel Soleil Tan. Doesn't look that great in the pot, too orangey and sparkly, to it sits on the skin fabulously. It gives you a very subtle glow and I use it on the cheeks, not as a bronzer but as a general colour. I feel it is very light to be a traditional contour bronzer, but it is perfect to give a nice natural-like undertone to the skin.

6) Yves Rocher loose powder. I confess I had this product for years, one of my very first beauty buys. Of course at the time I knew nothing about makeup and I just applied it liberally on my skin (at least the colour blended quite nicely with my skin tone, although it looks seriously too matte and powdery). But with age comes wisdom, and after abandoning it for years but always carrying it around with me (dosn't it feel so elegant to apply powder?) I rediscovered ths product. As my skin is a bit oily on the T zone, with some enlarged pores I apply it when I feel that my face is too shiny. It gives a very nice finish and smells amazingly.

These are the 6 products that I have been using religiously this month. Have you tried any of these? What do you think?

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