Autumn/winter 2016 trends from the Milan Fashion Week


Moschino and Cavalli

On the lsat day of the Milan Fashion Week it would be nice to do a roundup of the beauty styles for a/w16 season taken directly from the catwalks.

Obviously I could go and pick up every single style from the shows, as this post would be too long and somehow erratic to find a general trend. Instead I picked up the shows that I found the most interesting.

The general trend is quite minimalistic a glowy skin, very clean and young, no fards, just a bunch of highlighter, a perfect example of this is the make up of Gigi Hadid and the other girls at the Moschino show.


If you decide to add extra-makeup then it is black on they eyes, like in the Fendi show (where the eyeliner was A LOT) or again more minimalistic around the eye just to let it pop (see the Pucci or Cavalli shows).

Cavalli left and Pucci right

Armani on the other hand goes for a dark red lipstick, almost on the line of a raspberry red, so quite dark but going towards purple rather than brown. The colour here is put in the inner part of the lip, as to create a degradée effect. Rember that Armani has its own beauty line, so if you really like the lip colour you can order and buy the exact one.

Gucci as well has a bit of lipstick, but more natural, closer to a pinkish red. Gucci's make up is nothing exceptional, as the focus goes more on the hair of the models, pink in the case of the picture I chose, as it is really edgy and unusual to see major fashion houses known for the classic elegance of their dresses to put a pink haired model.

So you can see, it almost looks like a spring make up as there are not too many strong colours as we were used to see, but I think the Frech non-makeup makeup is quite strong now, and women would rather show the natural beauty of their skin rather then layering a lot of products on.
All these looks can easily be achieved with basic make up from drugstore lines, as what you really need is a good BB cream and highlighter and a quite common range of colours and lipsticks.

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