Outfit of the week- Lindsay Lohan


This selfie is taken directly from Lindsay's Instagram and you might have seen it a couple of days ago. As the caption goes, she wears shoes by Chanel, a Givenchy jacket and Gucci pants. What I love about this look, apart from the total black, is the sexiness. Lindsay is a grown up woman and contrary to many child stars she grew up to be pretty hot herself. And what I like about her is that she's not hiding her appeal. Too many women today choose comfort over style, and I won't be judging this as I think we all have had our lazy days, or weeks. But there is something appealing to a woman dressed to the nines, it shows that she likes fashion, likes to play with it and it's a woman hard to get, as she is the first one to put an effort for herself.

Obviously everything is styled to perfection, but hey, what did we expect from a style queen like Lindsay Lohan?

What do you think? Do you like this look?

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