Outfit of the week- Barbie


Barbie, the toy almost every girl played with, sometimes to the cringe of her parents, but she didn't know the meaning of big words such as feminism and sexism, she just played with her doll. Barbie was our fashion and beauty icon then (hello poreless skin and lustrous hair!) and she represents pretty well the beauty and fashion icons that we admire today, i.e. always perfect.

We could write sociological essays about Barbie and still not come up with the fascination she has on girls, but I chose her as this week's representative outfit because she is an it girl, graced with eternal elegance and some pretty good fashion eye, as we can see in this Rykiel look. Love love love the fringed skirt that perfectly matches the top, and the colours although being quite dark and understated are nicely contrasted by the bright red shopper.

Well done Barbie, and whoever is the genious behind her Istagram account (@barbiestyle)!

What do you think, is this a good outfit or not? And what do you think of my choice of Barbie as a it girl? I wellcome any kind of comment, be it praise or criticism, I think a nice discussion could come up from this post! Let me know x

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