Outfit of the week- Lou Doillon at Chanel Fashion Show in Paris


Lou Doillon is a beauty and fashion icon of mine. I love her skin and hair and the way she does makeup, I also love the edge she brings to clothes and her rock and roll style. To be fair to me she's more of a guidance for a day-to-day look, she's got a sense of style that I apreciate, but I rarely find her to be the one with the best look around. Shortly, she's not Kate Moss (my n.1 obsession for fashion).

However I really find this look to be the best of the week, Lou has really made a fashion statement this time. This shot was taken outside the Chanel Fashion Show at the "Brasserie Gabrielle", which initiated the usual Instagram frenzy.

What I like about this look is the always minimal makeup that focuses on the lips, romantically pinkish, and the messy hair where the tips are the same colour of the golden embroidment of the coat. This detail gives continuity to the look, and let's face it, it looks so perfectly effortless. Goodbye matching shoes and bag, hello matching hair and coat!

As the coat was the statement peice of the look, it makes sense that Lou wore only a white shirt and black jeans, and it was a whise choice the high waist pants, as the coat itself is not too long.

Bravo Lou!

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