10 times we were crazy about Olivia Palermo's street style


Olivia Palermo is the real life reicarnation of Blair Waldorf, with a penchant for sunglasses and always perfect hair she is probably one of the most stylish girls of our times, always impeccable, always elegant. Here's the line up of the s10 street style looks that made us say WOW. Some tips about how to icorporate them in our day to day style come in as well.


Only Olivia could pull different prints on t-shirt and pants, but she keeps the black and white both times, not to overload and understated the whole look with the masculine black blazer on top. This is just a reminder on how geometric prints on our trousers can be a statement in their own, more suble and less obvious than a necklace or a top. I wrote some time ago a post on how to find the perfect geometric print trousers (you can read it here)

This can work as an amazing work look, as the white shirt brings formality to the ensamble while the pants, although well structured, ease down the look. This look could be called 50 shades of grey, as it is entirely based on the colours' spectrum.

This is a summery look, quite low key and chic. The beige and severity of the trench coat and the bag are eased out by the pop of colour underneath. This look works well in summer when it's not hot enough to go only with your summer dress on, the pro-tip is that nothing shows up underneath the trench. You'll generally see this in all of Olivia's looks involving medium lenght coats, she'll wear a skirt or dress that won't show up.

This is a pretty easy look, good again for work. Blue jeans and white shirt, it doesn't get easier than that. However the cape upgrades the whole look to chic and eye-catching.

I like this look because it is not simple to combine two shades of blue together, and it's even more difficult to pull a total jeans look. However Olivia pulls this nonchalantly again, by adding the big bag and the black and white contrast blazer to escape from the country look. Pro tips here are, if the short is loose then the jeans have to be skinny (a baggy jeans burrito look is not what you're after, believe me!), golden jewlery works good on this as it warms up the total colour.

This look is adorable! The pink ruffled coat is simply perfect and the white shorts work wonder is bringing a pop of bright colour to the overall look. Pro point, as the look is very "good girl" like, don't try to contrast it, but play along and get some big doll curls on your hair.

This is a very easy, very chic look, perfect for summer and holidays. The fact that both top and shorts are loose is balanced out by the fact that they show a lot of skin, and Olivia's skinny legs. This look shows us how a triped navy t-shirt can instantly make any look very chic.

I loved this look. It is a bit more formal and not day to day, but it shows how great Olivia is in combining patterns. Any of us would have put a small black leather belt to firm the dress, but she went bold and she got rewarded by her choice. What we can learn from this is to try an push the fashion boundaries, there really is not false step in nowadays fashion.

This is again a more city look, good for work. Over the knee boots are great for slimming up the leg and play a good contrast with the pants, which to me seem more like false leather. The parka is perfect as it brightens up the black of the whole look.

This summer look is on the tones of light grey and white, quite easy and straightforward to achieve, the pro-tip is in the shoes: they have to contrast and warm up the overall tone.

In brief, Olivia Palermo's look is very feminine and preppy, but easy to achieve even without splurging. It is not that much about trendy bags and flashy colours, but more about balancing neutral colours

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