Gift guide for your intellectual/hipster girlfriend


We all have that one friend, the one that reads loads of books, goes to theater but what we really love about her is her free, outsider spirit. Now, how many times have we wondered what to get her for Christmas/birthdays/any occasion that requires a present? Let's face it, she's not the simplest gift-receiver, so here's a roundup of some presents she might want. (And if you are that girl, then here are some gifts for yourself, because you deserve it!)

1) Art work, it can be a Rene Gruau poster, an abstract painting or a famous picture, but she sure appreciates some good room decor, and we never have enough pictures for our homes.

2) A theatre membership, better if for two! She'll really appreciate that and you can expand your bonding moments not limiting them to pre-drinks or the gym. This is a gift for yourself too really, going to the theatre never did anyone any bad!

3) Organic skincare. She probably is already a fan of it, but try to find a good, little known brand and give her one of those non-essentials, but still nice to have products. She probably already has a day cream or a face mask, but what about a face mist or eyelash conditioner? That's right, she probably doesn't own one, but she'll be thankful and feel spoilt every time she uses it.

4) A diary, better if leather covered. this again might seem as a useless piece, but to be fair we all have the useful stuff in the first place, and in today's world, where everything is written down on your phone it's nice to have a little diary where to note down little things. It just gives you a special and nostalgic feeling. Moleskine does some great ones!

5) A beautiful set of towels, or a beach towel. Ok you have to go on the luxury ones for this one. A towel is a very bland thing to give to a friend, but if you check out the Missoni ones, they're lux, quite cheap and precious, she'll love those ones!

As it always happens to me, you probably will end up buying these for yourself!

Do you like this list, would you add anything on it? Let me know x

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