5 ways to make your life more thoughtful and satisfied


I think we all need to make life easier on ourselves. We spend so much time working and worrying about trivilities, or actually important things, that at the end of the day it is like we were drained of our energy. Here are some little things that can be done daily to improve our life perception.

1) Buy yourself flowers. They are beautiful, smell nice and great decor items. There is nothing more cheerful than a bunch of flowers welcoming you home after a day out. Flowers look chic and give to the house a je-ne-sais-quoi. They show that you care.

2) Spend some times outdoors, go to the countryside on weekends. You probably already have this temptation, to get away from the city during weekends, you want so time to relax and unwind, but what you end up doing is staying in bed or maximum going to a spa. Don't get me wrong, spas are great, but intead of getting drained by their fees for a full body massage, why don't you spend the same money for a cheap weekend in the countryside. You can find a room in a bed and breakfast made from a cottage and have long walks outside. Don't Instagram every four steps you take, try to enjoy the real thing and remember it with the mind, not pictures.

3) Go to a bar and have some coffee and cake. We all have our sweet tooth, why not transform it into an occasion to sit with a friend and chat a bit. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and all social networks makes us forget the importance of real human contact, but you'll see how it will feel better when you'll see your friends in person and hear them saying things rather than reading them.

4) Turn off your phone for a while. Of course don't do this while at work, you actually need to answer it. But every day, for a while try to turn it off and for example sit on a bench in the park, letting your mind rest and unwind. Phones are great distractors from ourselves. It seems like we cannot spend even some minutes without checking if we have any messages or trying a new game. It's almost like we are scared of our own company, but we shouldn't, we should embrace it. After all, we are the only person we'll spend our entire life with.

5) Pick up a book. But not a manual on how to be happy, or some guide to be a successful woman. Take an old classic, Dostoevsky, Hemingway, you name it, and let it take you. Some of the most peaceful and rewarding hours can be spent reading.

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