Quick facial massage to upgrade your skincare game


Some of us may be good at pulling faces, some of us might think it's childish, but there is a moment when all of should, for the good of our skin.

Facials are seen by most of us as a luxury treatment that not only take away some time, but also a bit chunk of our money. Nevertheless is a very important ritual, and if you cannot pay for it why not do it yourself?
Here's the guide to a quick and effective facial massage. I reccomend you doing this with a product that is slippery, such as a cleansing oil, a very smooth moisturizer or simple olive or coconut oil. This is very important as you don't want to drag and pull your skin, which is more bad than good.

Start by drawing big circles around your eyes (not in the eye area but more around the cheeckbones) and then do the same for the whole of your face. After this, go on your forehead and move two fingers of each hand towards each other crossing them, in a scissor-like movement. This is very good for areas where stress accumulates and you can repeat this along your jaw line. Finish off by stimulating your skin with very light strokes all around your face.

You can obviously mix up these movements in the order you prefer and cut short on some of them if you don't have time. But remember that short massage is better than no massage at all!

And you? Do you massage your face and what movements do you use?

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