How to get rid of puffy eyes


Puffy eyes is one of those problems that every woman will encounter in her life, no matter age or skin condition. Puffiness is a result of accumulation of liquids in the eye area after we sleep, and gives us that tired look first thing in the morning, especially if accompanied by dark circles. Puffy eyes are not too bad when you are young, as it can give you that Gigi Hadid, Lauren Bacall look. It is also true that young skin will easily go back to normal in an hour or two as it is very reactive and elastic, but unfortunately this can't be said about about slightly older skins.

Getting rid of puffy eyes isn't something as difficult as we could imagine, and here are some easy and cheap methods to make your eyes go back to normal.

  1. Use a higher pillow to sleep. This is pretty straight forward, but not usually thought about. As I said puffiness is given by liquids accumulating in the eye area, if your pillow is thicker than it will be more difficult for these liquids to get and stay there.

  1. Hydration is key. Water is good for everything, skin-tone, cellulite, dark circles and yes puffy eyes. You don't want water retention in your thighs, why would you want it in your eyes?

  1. Drink coffee. Coffee is a wake up call for the body, it stimulates the circulation of blood and fluids and makes you feel instantly more focused. The rule obviously is don't exceed, too much coffee is related with cardiovascular diseases and dehydration, but coffee is not bad, it is simply as any product, too much is not good.

  1. Chill your eye cream or cucumber slice.Store your eye cream in the fridge, Puffiness is like basically a type of swelling, so a bit of cold will reduce the swelling away.

  1. Drink less alcohol. I am not an alcohol free lifestyle advocate, I think a glass of wine at dinner or a cocktail with friends is a good way to relax and spend some quality time. However it goes like coffee in this one, too much is bad. Apart from the serious dehydration and the premature aging and possibly wrong choices and shameful memories alcohol leads to fluid retention, because of it's dehydration properties. If you don't want to curb down your partying, then at least consider drinking a glass of water before going to bed after your night out, it will help your body to re-equilibrate the liquid loss. 
What do you think about it? And what are your tricks to get rid of puffy eyes?

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