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Hair is probably one of our biggest beauty obsessions (not in a good way!) and source of eternal unsatisfaction. All of us, since we were girls would long for our friend's shade of blonde, or the little curl at the tips, while she probably wanted the volume of our hair and that roll-out-of-bed texture (that we dreaded).

As a consequence finding hair products that would satisfy our needs and desires it has always been difficult, and let's face it: we were always let down buy the results of that shampoo or the conditioner.

Myself I have bought many different styling products, gone for cut changes, perms and lastly highlights. I am in a place right now where I am quite satisfied with what I have, but I want to tell you how I got here. Three years ago I had a pixie cut, not short, masculine. I soon got bored of not being able to style my hair and vary it a bit and decided to let it grow. When it got to a short bob length I started highlighting it, and since then it went through four bleachings and was never cut as I want my hair to grow decently long. You can imagine in what state the tips of my hair are now, super stressed out. I tied in all this time many different shampoos and conditioners, but as said they all kind of let me down, until I bought the Aussie Moist shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle conditioner, and they were PERFECT.

My hair has never been so soft after using these products together and the scent is amazing, you feel it all day. The only product better than this is argan oil, that I sometimes use as a mask, but it is always quite a pain as it has to soak in at least half an hour, and washing it out takes quite a long time. While these two little miracles in a bottle take 5 minutes together to work their magic.

Another pro point is that the conditioner doesn't leave my hair flat (which was the problem with all the other conditioners before), and oh that smell! Who needs hair perfume when you can use this? I also think that my highlights got more visible after I started using them.

The fact that Aussie products are also so cheap makes me love them even more. Of course I would like to treat my tresses with Kerastase, but that would mean not paying the bills, so bottom line I'd rather have electricity than Kate Middleton's hair.

So if you are looking for cheap shampoo and conditioner combo, that will make your hair supermodel like, look no further and walk in to Boots, Aussie it there waiting to work its magic.

Do you like Aussie's hair products? What are your other favorite drugstore hair care brands? x

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