Products that should not leave your desk


Working or studying means numerous hours in front of a computer. So why not make the most of it and incorporate some simple beauty steps in it?
This is the ultimate guide to what should always be on your desk with you.

Water. The first and untimate beauty need, a good hydrated skin and body comes from the inside.

Hand cream. Putting on hand cream can take away some of your time, mainly because you need to massage it and wait until it is absorbed, but doing that while you're reading a paper or reviewing something can be a very easy and non-distracting way of multi-tasking

Mists. Mists are the utlimate way to keep your skin hydrated after long hours of climatisation exposure. Spay some on th eyelids as well, as your eyes dry up as well if the outside environment is not adeguate.

Lip balm and lipgloss. These are perfect to keep your lips well hydrated and unchapped, easy also to freshen up your make up in case you need to go somewhere stright away.

There's really not much more you need on your desk with you, it is still work what you're doing and not a spa session, but these little things will help you cope better wit the stress.

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