How to prepare your skin for a new cream


When you change your cream or your skin routine you want to assess the new product the most unbiasedly possible. The best way to do so and enhance the results of the new beauty program is by preparing your skin for the changement.

Usually when we change cream or beauty routine it is because we are not fully satisfied with what we have, maybe the cream we were using was worng and did more harm that good, or maybe our skin got used to it and the results are not as good as once, or we might simply just want to change.

To assess the new cream without the baggage of past errors the bet thing to do is try to erase those errors. We can achieve this by having a facial. facial massages are one of the most relaxing things ever and always feel like some kind of luxury. Personally I think that it is wrong considering luxury spending time and paying people to take care of us, but that is the general view.

Goig for a facial is not only a very relaxing experience to sooth us from uor stressful life, but it is also great for the skin. Professional hands using professional products in a professional way is always the best way to go.

I suggest that when going for a facial before changing beauty routine, you ask for a deep cleansing of the face. It always has to be delicate on your skin: when asked it is always better to say you have sensitive skin, even if it is not true, you never know what new product could irritate your skin and generally products developed for sensitive or baby skins are more gentle and less damaging, you really don't want to go to a facialist and get our worse then when you got in!

A deep cleansing of the face is the first and most important step (be careful with peels as they are at times irritating), get all the dirt out of those pores and then close them up. Also ask for a massage that will plump and invigorate the elasticity of your skin.

You might ask at this point how to assess the efficacy of the cream on what is the best version of your skin, but the answer is that a good cream will let your skin stay the way it already is, maybe making it a bit better. If your skin is already suffering there is little a cream could do alone.

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