Soap and Glory, No clogs allowed


I always found drugstore products not quite satisfying as I would like them to be, and as I realize that they were a complete delusion I feel guilty for the 10£ or so that I spent on them.

Don't get me worng, there are some amazing drugstore products that I love (such as my great foundation Radiant glow, by Rimmel) but I always feel like it is a gamble buying them, especially as it is very rare getting samples for them.

I am here to talk about one of the products that, so far, have surprised me and proved me wrong. It's a face mask, called "No clogs allowed", by Soap & Glory.

I read some ravishing reviews online of the mask, and when I found myself in Boots, I couldn't resist and I bought it. The price isn't bad at all, 11.50£ for a 100mL bottle, and my experience is that little goes a long way with this one.

Let me talk about the texture of this mask, it feels weird to say the least. I cannot easily describe it, but it feels quite dry and smooth, it gives you a matte feeling, not like any other cream, gel or clay mask. It massages well in the skin and turns blue with a dab of water. You will feel a light heating of the skin as well, don't worry, this is completely normal and advertised on the box as well.

The mask itself is a very quick one, you need to leave it on only 5 minutes, which is perfect for the end of the day, when you can squeeze it between getting your stuff ready for the next day and brushing your teeth.

The result itself it quite good, it might be a placebo effect for me as I bought it last week and used it only a couple of times, but what is true is that my skin was super smooth and nourished and all the pores around my nose and fore head were not bumpy anymore.

The only downside is that when I tried to tak it off I felt some little beads, like the ones present in scrubs, and I think it did scrub a bit my face, in not such a pleasant way.

In conclusion I can say that this was definitely a good buy for me, and has helped my skin much more than other face and clay masks, the actual result on the blackheads still has to be seen, but even if that doesn't work it is a pretty amazing face mask.

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