Hi! This blog is mainly about beauty. I am a university student with a healthy obsession for beauty products at the constant quest of getting the perfect skin, that needs no tons of make up to glow and look healthy.

Over the time I noticed that most beauty blogs talk about this amazing products that promise to make your skin model worthwhile, and as I went to check how to get this miracle in a bottle as soon as possible in my amazon cart, I would return down to Earth just by looking at the price tag. 

Being a student, currently without a job, makes it difficult to balance paying utilities, food and going out with getting good quality beauty products (but also clothes and healthy food). So I always found a struggle in doing the best for my skin and not having to skip the months rent. As over time I learnt a few tricks I am willing to share them with anyone who's in my same situation.

I hope you'll find the information you need in this blog, enjoy!

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