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SkinBetter is a new app related to the beauty industry. I first read about it in Cosmopolitan among other apps, and decided to give it a go. I was surprised it was free, as usually apps that promise good performances have to be paid for, which is something I have no intention to do, ever.

After downloading it I had to sign up with my email, which is nothing new and had to take a picture of my face following some guideline. A tip I can give you is go to a well lit place possibly in front of a mirror as you can't take the picture with the front camera, as its resolution is too low to obtain results and the app will ask you to take another picture. Looking yourself in the mirror and superimposing your face with the template while trying to actually take a picture is quite a long and frustrating process. After you've done that the app will analyse the picture and ask you to redefine some eye, nose and mouth parameters and then will load again.

Then the app will ask you your age, what are your main skin concerns, type of skin and skin color and also skin sensitivity. Then the cool part starts. A new page will show you your skin according to the concerns you highlighted, and for example show you the appearance of the first fine lines, spots that have not yet developed but will in the future if not controlled by sunscreen, You can also see which areas are the most prone to develop redness and spots.

The next page is dedicated to your treatment. Well this is the part I like the less, according to your problems and concerns the app will advise you to buy certain creams serums and products, which would be fine if the number of products wan't that small and that expensive, seriously a serum for £200? There is no absolute low cost option, and this is probably how they're trying to make up for the fact that the app itself is free. Also the people behind the app are actual dermatologists, so if they're not advertising their own lines they might be correlated to the brands advertised.

However if you skip this part, or just research online the components of the products advised and try to find something else containing them, it is a good app to show you your skin and how it will develop. It is almost like going to the dermatologist, almost , but it is free and still effective.

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