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What better way to start a post about mascara if not quoting the legendary Andriana Lima? The quest for a good mascara is always a long one, especially if your eyelashes are short, especially if they're not black, basically it is a long quest if you are me.

Mascara is that one product that doesn't need to be expensive to be effective. Many models or actresses confessed how they buy the supermarket ones and they work ine for them, so they should work fine for us.

One tip that I feel like giving away is how to find a good mascara, and also how to find the good mascara for a specific occasion.

As I already wrote my eyelashes are quite short and very light brown, so on their own they don't really frame my eye. What I found out is that the perfect mascara depends on the tip. For short eyelashes that are almost impossible to find at the corners of the eyes the good mascara it is a slightly curved one, the one that can cover the entire eye and not miss out any lash, just thanks to the shape of the tip. I had some mascaras before that had a straight tip and it simple took me too long to do well an entire eye, without overdoing some parts and without messing up either the corner of my eye or the outer part as I tried to catch every single lash.

My mascara of reference here, the one I have been using for years, is the Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes, which is extra cheap and extra effective. I also recently tried the new Roller Lash by Benefit Cosmetics, as I found a sample in the March ELLE Uk magazine and bought it essentially for the sample. This one again has the same kind of tip, so it is extra good on my eyes, I reckon that the price for the full size product will be much more expensive, but all in all there is no much difference in the end result.

Straight tips are good for who has long lashes that just need to be combed and highlighted. The only mascara with staight tips that I use is a Yves Rocher one, the first Yves Rocher product I ever bought actually (oh the memories! I bought it the the South of France during a holiday in Antibes). Anyway this mascara works fine for me as it is brown, meaning it won't make my eyelashes too evident when I go for the no make up look. For some reason i think that black mascara on its own looks quite wierd on me, it could be the fact that my lashes are short, so I need something more subtle that will still make my eyes pop, but in a more natural way, and this mascara just does it for me.

In conclusion expensive mascara is not much different from the drugstore one, what really makes a difference is the kind of tip, the colour and the result you want to achieve. So you can cry with your mascara on, just make sure it is water-proof.

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