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I always found difficult finding a face cream, let's not say an entire morning routine, that would feel good on my skin. I went through creams that were too oily to ones that felt heavy. I think nowadays most companies focus on anti-aging creams rather than ones for young skin, and being 20 myself I am quite reticent in putting too many products in my skin, especially ones that are not yet needed.

I will start saying that I don't like toners, for some reason all the ones that I tried make my skin feel too tight, and that's not good. Also my skin type is quite weird, it definitely combinational, being oily on the nose, normal on my cheeks and dry on my forehead, so finding a cream that would not overdo my nose are but still be enough for my forehead is quite frustrating.

I came across the Shiseido Ibuki  when I was looking for products for young skins that should prevent and cure some imperfections. The full size products themselves are very expensive ( at Sephora the cleanser is about 30$ and the moisturizer 45$) so there was no way I would have bought a full size of those without having them tried out at least for a while, so I forgot about them and kept on with my previous routine including some Yves Rocher products.

Then, during my holidays in Portugal I "casually" ended up in a beauty shop (can't really remember the name, it was a local range) and saw that Shiseido had pulled out a starter kit, for 20 that contained the whole range (i.e. clanser, softning lotion and moisturizer) in 30mL bottles each and decided to give it a go. Note that the full size products are around 70 mL each, so I basically got half size of each product for an amount of money that would have not payed not even one of them full size, a real bargain.

I started using it as my routine religiously, every day twice a day. I probably thought it would have been a miracle product and at first I was quite disappointed, but now, 4 months afterwards I can give a honest opinion about it.

This is a great moisturizer for young skins, as the product is very nice and not heavy, getting absorbed very easily. It conitains some fragrance, but for me it is very pleasant and not irritating. It is good for not over moisturizing the skin, which is something that most girls my age will be bound to do, as most products nowadays are anti-aging and very concentrated. but will it take away all the blemishes and reduce the pores as advertised? No, it won't, you'll need to get a facial or somehow get rid of the blackheads yourself and then start using the product.

The softning concetrate is very nice on the skin, you should use it before the moisturizer instead of the toner. I really liked it as it helps the cream get into the skin better without being unpleasant, it really leave the skin softer, and here a little bit goes a long way. I think that in four months of use every morning and almost every night I consumed 1/3 of the product more or less.

The cleanser is not that good for me, again, it leaves my skin too tight, I don't use it that often, only once in a while under the shower, because I don't want my skin to feel that tight. I prefer using micellaire water for everyday cleansing, rather than that.

All in all I can say that right now I am quite satisfied with the kit, in the end it did give me a high end beauty routine with very nice products. I can only say, do not believe everything that is written on the ads, but still if you're young and looking for a good starter kit in the beauty world, the Ibuki starter kit is definitely a good option. Again the price of the range is very good and makes definitely a good investment, as it also seems that you use very little product to get the result needed.

Only overall flaw is the absence of SPF from the moisturizer, this is a no-no that the company tried to solve by adding on the market the same moisturizer with a SPF 18, which is still definitely low, and not present in the starter kit. It seems a countersense as the Ibuki line should help prevent future problems of the skin, and UV damage is the greatest of them all.

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