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Being original, being cool are one of the most sought after things is this over-shared and over-visualized social media world. You look at street style heroines and their seemingly effortless style, they way they wear those jeans and the way their hair is parted, it all looks perfect. And we want to be perfect, this is why we buy and follow trends and trendy items.

But how many times did we ask ourselves how not to be a mere copy of more famous people but to be original and stand out on our own? Believe me, a lot of times!

I put this post together from different products I have seen and tested overtime, which I think are good and can instantly give you a quirky look.

  • Marvis toothpaste: this italian toothpaste brand is 50 years old and produces one of the nicest and most effective whitening toothpastes around. The packaging is super cool and the tastes it comes with are very peculiar and to die for (e.g. jasmine minth, amarelli liquorice or cinnamon). Plus point they also sell travel size versions of these so they are also very good to slip in your luggage before travelling

  • Les Merveilleuses Ladurée: you probably know Ladurée as the patisserie that produces the most famous french macarons. However just a couple of months ago they released with the collaboration of Sephora this beauty line that counts fards, eyeshadows, hand cream and soap. The all have good reviews online and their packaging is to die for, absolutely divine, creating baroque style containers for the makeup products. They can seem like quite of an investment, but you can easily double them as home decor.

  • Liquides parfume: You'll find these in the company's boutique in Paris, or for the UK at liberty.co.uk. The boutique sells a mix of independent parfume brands and it is the place to find something unique. Having your signature scent, and not sharing it with tons of other women across the world is certainly something that will make you feel unique. I personally did that when I created my personal scent at Molinard in France.

 These are just three items, but the general advice here, is that not always famous is better, quality or originality wise.

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  1. super cool! I wonder if Sephora Canada has that brand, I'm definitely going to look.