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This post is born again from personal experience. As a student it is quite easy that you have sleepovers, be it at your boyfriend's, be it at your casual boyfriend's or at your friends or some kind of field trip you will experience sleeping somewhere that is not your home.

If your plan is not being too hangovered the next day and skipping lectures than you might bring with you a bag with your uni stuff. Now this could not be a problem for most of you, but some of you might want to know how to maintain your skin care routine even in these situations, so here is my solution.

I absolutely hate the feeling of makeup on my skin after a few hours and religiously wash it off the moment I get back home, but when I got a boyfriend I found out that not taking off makeup was something that serially happened every time I would stay at his place.

I decided then not to sacrifice my skin for a night away from home and over time I made up my own mini skincare kit for nights out (or last minute week-end getaways).

The most important step is cleansing, in fact this could also be your only step, our skin is still so young that a day without moisturizer is not going to do much. So could be done is taking facial wipes with you in your bag (I would take them in clubs as well), wipes are not for everyday cleaning as they can be quite harsh on the skin and often contain alcohol, but they're good for exceptional nights. My go-to brand for this is Superdrug's own "Cleansing facial wipes" for combinational skin, delicate for the skin and have enough product to actually work. These were not my favourite ones, as I loved the Superdrug Skin Essential Cucumber wipes, but I believe these have been discontinued so I had to opt for something quite similar.

I am not sure about other facial wipes as I only used the Garnier ones, which were not so good ans still more expensive.

Now if you feel like adding more to your mini skincare kit you could opt for one of those moisturizers lying around in your room (don't lie, we all have one!) and take it with you. Preferably choose one that is not in a glass container as it is quite heavy. The one I sometimes take with me is the Hydra Active 3 by L'Oréal Paris. It is a good 24h cream with Vitamin E, ceramid and some salicylic acid. As technically we shouldn't use salicylic acid based creams every day, as it is afterall an exfoliator, I see this as a good opportunity for some time to time usage. This cream caused me a bit of redness at my first application, but apparently it is quite common for salicylic acid containing creams, and the problem has gone since that time.

This is all I bring with me on my nights away from home and it helps me feel better with my skin every day. For some additional day after make up, if you're not willing to go bare faced, but still can't take with you your entire makeup bag; then take one of those sample lying around you room or simply do as I do and take your highlighter with you to apply in the morning. I personally use theBenefit Watt's Up, an absolute game changer in my makeup routine.

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