Rachel Mcmillan


I recently was involved with my university's charity fashion show, this is why I haven't been posting for a while.This post is basically about a designer that really hit my immagination when I saw her creations backstage at the fashion show.

Rachel Mcmillan is a 23 years old Glasvegian that won a Scottish Fashion Award just six months after openig her fashion label. This really reflects the talent of this young and gorgeous woman.

Rachel has a very unique and modern personal style that permitted her to have her own show during London Fashion Week, and while her clothes are still very affordable for the beauty and quality the come with, you will certainly find yourself with a head-turning fashion piece.

Rachel's style is in my opinion very scottish, the dark blues and greens, the purples and black are very reminiscent in their shades of the traditions tartan colours, non very light, but vibrant in their darkness.

The patters are also very interesting, not always very big and more lines of colours tight together that form flashes of light, a bit like multi-coloured windows of gothic cathedrals.

Rachel Mcmillan is surely my new fashion obsession and I will raid her online shop for sure!

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