10 tips for the perfect selfie


Selfies are part of our almost daily routine, be it Fecebook, Snapchat, Twitter or showing off your new sunnies, selfies allow us to capture a precise moment of our life, so how can we upgrade the selfie game?

  1. Bring a friend along. Sometimes taking selfies, or too many selfies can be perceived as narcissistic, but if we bring a friend along the picture has suddenly a more positive impact.
  2. Place yourself in front of light, not the computer light, which is very pale and you might risk to look like a ghost, but try a window, sunlight after all is always the most flattering light.
  3. Be aware of the shape of your face. Long oval face= camera held slightly low, round or squared face= camera held slightly high. Your nose also plays a role in this, if you have a long nose you don't want to make it longer by taking a picture from above where perspective will make it look much more important than it is. On the contrary a picture taken slightly from below will make it appear shorter. Same thing goes for big foreheads.
  4. Look at your eyes. If you can see dark circles hold the camera a bit low, you don't want to emphasise them, even if your selfie titles "I am sooo tired"
  5. Hold your phone the further away possible from your face. You don't want to scare anyone who opens your snapchat! Plus the further away the less your skin/make up imperfections will be seen, and your face will look nicely framed
  6. Flip your hair before taking the picture, this will add some natural, messy extra volume
  7. Slightly bend your neck to the side to make your picture look less static.
  8. Show other details rather than simply your face, maybe uncover your ear to so your new earrings, or touch your face with your hand and show your manicure or your rings, This will add extra-details to your picture and make it seem overall more full
  9. Lift slightly your chin to create a point of light in your face. This will make sure that your lower face will get light and exposure as much as the upper part
  10. Give your best smile, the one that suits you best, you know it, use it. Because nothing in the end is prettier than a beautiful smile.

Et voilà! Here the 10 tips for the perfect selfie.

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