Are you over-cleaning your skin?


I recently chnged my skincare routine out of a case. I spent the night at my boyfriend's place for a couple of night in a row and as I wasn't wearing makeup at all and I skipped my night clean up. I was feeling a little lazy and I thought that the wipes would have been too harsh as there was nothing to take off.

In the morning I noticed that my usual redness was gone and my skin felt clean and soft, so I decided to repeat the experiment and actually noticed that my skin was much better skipping off this treatment.

I did a little online research about it and I did find out a correlation between over-cleaning and irritating the skin. Apparently it is not only about too harsh cleansers but also about the quantity of cleaning, so if too little is not good, too much is definitely not better.

So I would advise you if you have like me combination skin, or dry or normal skins to reduce your cleaning from twice a day to just once. Obviously be aware that you NEED to clean your skin if you wear make up, so you clean at night but you don't in the morning. If you like to go barefaced than you can actually choose when to clean, but I still reccomend doing that in the evening to take off any pollution or dirt deposited from the outer environment.

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