Micellar water- secret to french beauty


I started using micellar water last year as a general cleanser. I read about it as I was endlessly reading on how to acquire that perfect french skin glow.

It emerged after the parisian women chose this over tab water to wash their face, as Paris is famous for it's bad water. It is designed to be swept away without rinsing off and leaves your skin clean and hydrated. to take make up and dirt away micellar water relies on little micelle particles that take them away from the skin. I am quite wary about using it as a make up remover, as I think it might not be as strong as the normal bi-phase remover, but since they are soap and alcohol free they are a nice alternative for more sensitive skins. It is still not an option for eye make up, as it is usually more strong and the area is very delicate.

Most women don't know that some sensible skin type are actually left dehydrated from water, and I always felt that was the case, plus Parisian water may not be good, but how do we know if ours is? I am also quite wary of using cleansers and soaps to wash my face every morning and then again at night to remove smog particles dirt as well as make up. So reading a description of the product I decided to give it a go, as anyway most of them are not expensive.

I bought from Superdrug at a mere £3.30 the Garnier micellar water which is 200mL exactly an year ago and still I have left little less than half the bottle, so money wise it is a good investment. The Garnier one is a gentle cleanser and doesn't feel sticky at all (one of the complaints of some micellar waters) and it really feels like it is deeply cleaning my face it does live it a bit toned and hydrated. I use it also as a make up remover when I only wear my concealer as for full face make up I prefer a traditional cleanser, but it does work well as a make up remover.

I use it in the morning to strip off the oils that the skin produced in the night and use it again in the evening to clean it from make up. dirt and sebum.

I found this product amazing, dirty cheap but leaves my skin less irritated and ready to absorb creams, as they are better absorbed if the skin is lightly damped.

I cannot stop recommending it and will buy another bottle soon enough as I finish this one, which probably will be in at least 6 months.

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