The primer miracles or how to solve your foundation problems


It is quite common that you buy your foundation full of hope on the results . You see the ad picture, beautiful, glowy and natural looking. You go to Boots, try a bit of the tester on your hand to see if the colour matches and instantly in love you buy the foundation.

After a week or so of use you see that it is actually not so perfect on your face, maybe you got the colour right, but it looks a bit patchy on your nose, and that dry skin on your forehead looks so unnatural and badly covered. Unsatisfied you go and buy another foundation, hoping that this time you'll get it right.

At this point you have two choices, go and buy another Rimmel/Maybellin/Bourjois/ insert here low range product or you'll decide to splurge on a more expensive foundation that will probably be better because of the price tag. Then again you may find that the results are not satisfying.

This is how I wanted to look like (story of my life)

But why should you set  up for something meh, when you deserve and want something good?
You surely can't keep buying new foundations gambling to find a colour that suits you throughout the year and a formula that looks nice on your skin.

I was one of those girls, before deciding to buy a primer. Why did it take me so long? Because the primer was not a staple in make up routines for a very long time, in fact they just exploded on the market from a year to another, and I usually don't trust that much completely new products, I tend to think it is a new market manouvre to extort me money that should go on nights out or should just stay in my bank account.

I bought one out of desperation and because make up artists claimed it would have helped the skin to stay clearer and not absorb the make up particles. As usual, before settling down for a product I went on an extensive online research, Sephora, Ulta, makeupreally, you say it. Some products were said to be so good that you barely needed any make up at all on top of them (the Laura Mercier primer is supposedly so good in covering up pores that can be used on it own), obviously, these were the ones that were also the most expensive. However before deciding to waste a lot of money on a product that would not help me at all, I decided to find a cheaper one that had good reviews. That's how I bought the Sephora smoothing primer, as the primary problem of my skin is a bit of unevenness.

It was a complete game changer for my foundation. the make up would stay longer and look just like a second skin. The foundation I use is the Rimmel Wake me up, which is ment to give you a very matural and glowy finish, being a bit sparkly itself. In total my foundation and primer cost around £20, which can be a fraction of the price of a high range foundation alone (I used to use the Estee Lauder Double Wear, which is around £30 and just didn't improve at all my foundation problem).

The Sephora primer is quite small in size but a little goes a really long way, it leaves the skin very smooth and you can feel the foundation just slipping on top of it.

So yes you can get the perfect makeup look with  the aid of a primer, it is a little investment, but helps your low range foundation to look luxurious.

My saviour in a picture (I also apply it under the eyes when I put on my concealer, technically you should use a specific primer for face, eyes and lips, practically I use this one for both eyes and face, while on my lips I just dab lip balm as a base)

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