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This is probably one of my favourite trends for the SS15, printed trousers. I am not going to lie, if you asked me if I would have ever liked this kind of trousers one year ago I would have said it was impossible. But this impossible suddenly changed.

I think that my trip to Portugal last summer contribuited to this change in mind. I found really fascinating the tile decorations of churches and public buildings, called azulejos, that have as a common theme a geometric maze or abstract decoration (but at times complete representations of historical or religious images) in blue or golded yellow. I fell in love with azulejos at first sight, and bought a magnet representing an angel and was given a mug in blue and gold, to day my favourite mug and pretty much the best object kitchen-related that I have.

Back to those trousers, I remember seeing Spencer Hastings from pretty Little Liars wearing a pair in one of the last episodes in season five and noticed how well they looked and fitted her. It kind of stayed there in the back of my head for a while untill I decided to give it a proper look online and found some pretty good options for myself, like the ones from Zara or the ones from H&M, which kind of fit my budget but still look very good. Online I also found the Etro ones that look gorgeous or the prada ones, more of an eye catcher.

In general I think that it is difficult designing this kind of trousers because with the wrong fit or material they will resemble too much pijama bottoms, and that's not really what we want to be spotted in the streets with. On the other hand they can be a very cheap way to update and upgrade an outfit with minimum money input (H&M put those trousers at £5 during sales times).

In conclusion I think these pants scream summer and style a mile away and they are definitely something quirky and different we can wear and appear instantly stylish, I am in love and next week I will get myself a well deserved pair!

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