When do you need to start using an eye cream?


This is probably one of the questions that more often we ask ourselves and are not able to answer. We are taught by our moms, or websites the obliged steps of cleansing, toning and moisturizing are to be taken sice we are teenagers, but then, all of a sudden the eye cream comes out and we're not really sure at what age we should start using it.

We know that the skin around the eyes is the most delicate one, prone to show the first fine lines, how come then that again, most eye creams are heavily packed with aniti-aging products?

Taking it with the phisosophy "better anticipate than correct", eye creams should be used when we are young as well, to maintain that area the best possible, even before it starts to accuse the signs of age.

At this point there is another tricky question, what is the right cream for me? Again anti-ageing creams are ususally quite sticky and heavy, and our eyes still don't need this kind out cure. The anti-ageing products should be used, in my opinion, when we reach 25, more or less, depending on the conditions of our skin.

The product that I normally use around my eyes is the Yves Rocher Roll on 7.9 Elixir. Now this product states that is an anti ageing and it is part of an entire line that should work against wrinkles and so on, but Yves Rocher is also a natural skin care line, meaning that they use only plant derived produts and not much chemicals. Maybe because I study a scientific subject at uni, I am not always entirely convinced of the power of plant extracts alone. Yes they can increase a formula, but I am not entirely convinced that they can do the job alone. Why did i choose this product then? In general I really like the Yves Rocher products, and in this case "natural" for me means not harmful or useless chemicals on my skin. I obviously can't tell if it is actually a good anti-ageing product, but for me it does the job as a moisturizer.

I like the formula as it contains little sparkles inside, meaning that over all after an afflication the eye area is more luminous, and the metal beads on the tube are cold when they come in contact with my skin, meaning that they should constrict my blood vessels in the area and make my eyes look less tired in the morning. The formula is also quite light meaning that you don't feel the product for ages on your skin, for some reason it is a bit sticky in the start, but I suppose this is because eyes are more delicate.

I would reccomend this as a good start product to use around your eyes, I think it is perfect for 20yo that are looking for a start in the eye area, and being it an organic product makes me trust it more as non-harmful. I am pretty sure it is suitable for vegeterians as well, as all the Yves Rocher products.

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