Believe the hype? A take on korean beauty


Asian beauties and their skincare routine are lately taking over the internet. Their perfect porcelaine skins seem not to suffer any kind of age dacay, always luminous and young. And while we are here left wondering the miracle behing those pictures asian beauty brands and skincare routines are more and more successful. But should we believe the hype?

Surely the meticulosity that asian women put in taking care of their skin is great, and over time they gave us some very good tips and products (see the great history of excellance of Shiseido- you can read my experience here- and Shu Uemura). However we should keep in mind one thing that it is often untold about asian beauty, that is asian skin. Some might know and some might don't that asian people are genetically blessed with a thicker skin layer than caucasians. This can be a two sided blade as from one side a bad skin can be harder to correct, but from the other side good skin tends to stay this way, i.e. much less day to day changes and sudden stresses. I once read that actress Fan Bing Bing uses over 600 face masks over one year period, if this can be a good routine for her it doesn't mean it is for us non-asian women (except if you have a really resistant skin). Over moisturizing does actually more harm than good for the skin, as the excess product will help clogging your pores on their way out of the skin cells.

For the same reason I would not reccomend using all the products that are adveritsed by skin care houses as basic steps in a single routine, which can be up to 17 products. Again, overdoing is not good especially for young skins, that need the essentials in good quality rather than quantity.

I also noticed that asian skin care routines do rely a lot on oils, both for cleansing and for moisturizing. This can be a good thing for very dry skins, and I do recommend to switch to a cleansing oil for those with this kid of skin as very often normal cleansers seem to dry out a lot and irritate the drier skins. A good priced oil cleanser is the Etude House Real Art cleansing oil that is priced $12.80 for 200mL of product, and has very good reviews (I tried it myself but found it too oily for my skin type). A good cleanser for us with oily, normal or combinational skin is again from Etude House and it is called baking powder, sold at $7.50. This one is very effective without being harsh on the skin, it is actually one of the few cleansers that didn't tighten up my skin too much.

What they do right is the so called "face-exercising", it is basically giving yourself a good facial and it helps plumping the facial muscles. As for the body, exercizing and massaging the muscles of the face is a very good step for a future toned up face.

This is Melodee Morita DIY video for clearer skin

Also wearing daily high levels of SPF (the Shiseido one is amazing, but anyone would do, I use the nivea spray one) helps more than a lot to protect the skin from again, as we know that Uv rays are the primary cause of skin ageing. So less sunbathing and more protecting, and yes I am also talking to you, girl that lives in a cold and cloudy country like the UK, UV rays pass the clouds and get to your skin!

In conclusion, asian beauty routines have their ups and down, and it all falls back to how well you know your skin. Remember that there is no beauty routine that is perfect for all skin types and it is up to us to build up the best one for us.

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