Make up to take with you on a night out


We all have watched infinite numbers of tutorials for the perfect smokey eye or for the polished and sexy red lip in order to look at our best on a night out, but it is also crucial to be able to maintain the look even after drinks and hours of sweaty, drunk dancing.

We all know our judgement on how much make up we should put on becomes inappropriate after a couple of drinks; and we also know the disasters that can happen if we decide to put on falsies or eyeliner. Let's face it we almost cannot draw that straight line when sober...

So here are the products we should take with us on a night out to apply in between those long queues at the lady's room without the fear to transform ourselves into a clown.

1) Sephora detergent remover swabs, they new frontier to metropolitan beauty. They are little swabs that contain make up remover, easy peasy to use, impossible to mess around with and you can slip them in the tiniest bag. These are great when your eye make up starts giving up and smudging too much. Also great form lipstick in case it becomes messy!

2) Mascara. It is almost impossible to get mascara wrong, it will accentuate your looks without messing it up. Don't put it on the lower lash line, after a few hours of dancing, drinking and late night the bags and dark circles under your eyes will reappear and you'd only accentuate them. Plus you don't want to leave black dots all over your cheek.

3) Concealer. Again almost impossible to get it wrong, to be used on said dark circles, and any redness that appeared during the night. The lights in a club are also not so flattering, very cold and greenish, so you'd like your paler than usual skin to look still alive.

4) Red lipstick. This will remove the attention from the eyeliner that is smudging and the dark circles under your eyes. Generally lipstick will have left your lips by this time in the night, or it will be kind of patchy, so you'd reapply it anyway

These are all the make  up products you need on a night out, now go and have fun! And when you come back home remember to tak off your make up and drink a glass of water before going to bed to avoid a hangover!

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