How to get supermodel hair


Hair is a big part of our appearence and it is normal that we want it to be as beautiful as it can be. Our locks can become a signature, a style that distinguishes us from the others. Just think about Edie Campbell's change of hairstyle from long blonde to short black and how it greatly affected her career; or Kate Moss's blonde  bed nest.

What is now a generenal trend for hair is not to try too much, you shouldn't look like you just stepped out of a salon, but more like "yes, this is how my hair looks every day; yes, you can be envious". To achieve that look there are some steps you can take, from when you are at the hairdresser's to every-day life.

The least polished, the sexier. Your look shouldn't be uniform, a bit worn in, a bit model of duty will work perfectly for an effortless look.

Go for easy upkeeps. Let's face it, you study or work at least 9h a day, constantly travelling and running from a place to another. You barely have the time to give yourself a manicure. You don't have a lot of time to spend in a hair salon, nor the energy. For an easy maintenance took try not to cut too drammatically, but get a hairstyle that will grow nicely in time, and don't die your roots, keep highlights away from them and you won't need to go every month to get a touch up.

Styling. If you don't have the time to let your hair dry naturally, or just don't like the final result of that, you can blowdry (wear heat protection!) and flat out all the baby hair. Then mess-up the hair to give an worn-in look with dry texture sprays, like sea salt sprays or dry shampoos. You can touch up a bit with the iron curler to get some beachy waves, but if you do this again spray heat protection, there is nothing sexy in dry hair with split ends!

Brushes. Use bristle and round brushes to add volume and shine, normal flat brushes for smoothings or updos.

It is quite easy to get a good hair day if you follow these steps, it is impossible for almost every one to get out of bed every day with perfect hair,but with the right care it can get there. Remember, especially if you're using iron for flat or curly hair updos to take the right care of your tresses, have a hair mask one a month or so, it could be just some oil or egg yolk to deeply nourish it and make it stronger.

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