Is pollution poisoning your skin?


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We know air pollution is bad for our lungs, but what is all around us so much that we inhale it, it is surely going to get deposited on our skin, and that's so good either. It increases inflammation and irritation (breaking out, hello?) and also aging. If left on the skin it will leave it more vulnerable to damage. A study carried over the years between New York and the country side showed how women in the city aged more quickly and drammatically than the ones living away from pollution. In all this even younger skins are not protected by their natural capacity to auto-heal.

However there are steps we can take to prevent the damages of pollution.

Clean your skin to the bottom

Yes, you have to take all the junk out of your skin, a good profound cleansing has to be done every night you come back home from a day out. You can start using face brushes, apart from the now infamous Clarisonic (a real investment in the beauty department),  there are many more less technological, i.e. you have to do the actual brushing, but as good. You can  surely find one in any drugstore, but as a suggestion you can try the Kiko consmetics one, very gentle and nice. Once in a while scrub lightly your face to let all the dead cells and residues of dirt go away, and once a week oor every two weeks try a clay mask, one of the best ways to get a deep cleaning. You can find a review of the Soap & Glory one here.

Replenish with vitamins and antioidants

When combined with UV, pollution strips your skin of it's natural barrier of antioxidants and vitamins that protect it, making you more susceptible to damage. To conteract on this you can either apply creams rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and E, or do it the old way and eat and drink them. Juices and soothies are a nice and quick way to do that, and tea, especially the green and jasmin ones, are one of the best sources of antioxidants, and also can help you rewind after a long day of work.

Respect your skin

Don't be too harsh on it with chemical peels or over exfoliation, it will only leave it more irritated and exausted. Your skin is already having a hard time because of your hectic life, the least you can do it take care of it the best you can. To the "don't list" add do not over hydrate, that is bad too.

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