Good reasons to get a tan in the sun


Let's all take a step back with this new obsession about hiding away from the sun all scared that we're going to get some wrinkles. The sun is good for us, we know it, that's why we smile every time we see it after a week of rain, or we suddenly want to get out and go for a walk in the park. However recently I have been reading a lot of posts encouraging women to absolutely avoid it, and promoting, I quote "a Marilyn Manson pallor". Really? Do we REALLY want to look like an unhealthy ghost? I don't think so, so here are some good reasons to go out and enjoy a nice day in the sun.

1) Sun is a well known antimicrobial, have you ever noticed how after a holiday in the sun your skin looks less prone to break out? Yea, it's the sun killing all those bacteria that we try to wash off every day with soaps and cleansers, the sun just kills them off.

2) Exposure to sunlight is the best way to accomulate vitamin D, we all know it. There is a good article about this and sun protection in the NHS website, or here. Let's not also forget one of the diseases that was eradicated from Northern Europe with the help of vitamin supplements, rickets. Rickets is the defective mineralsation and calcification of bones due, predominantly, to a chronic lack of vitamin D. This disease was never a real problem in Southern Europe as exposure to sunlight is high enough there.

3) Sweating. There have been so many studies convincing us on how a sauna session is good for the body as through sweating we release some toxins that otherwise will accumulate in the body. Sweating in the sun can give the same result. obviously you won't be sweating that much, but this means that you won't lower that much your heart rate, which in people with already low blood pressure is not that beneficial.

4)Meteoropathy. We all know how we are more cheerful in a sunny day, while many rainy days in a row tend to depress us. Meteoropathy is a thing that affects our happiness daily, why ignore this signal and stay locked up in the house, when we clearly feel like going out?

"We will all get old and have wrinkles, it is the natural outcome in life, that doesn't mean that we can't have fun in the process"

5) Activities. There are loads of things we can do in the sun, like jogging, going to the park and playing with our friends, relaxng on the beach or going swimming in an open pool. There are loads of activities to do that will seem so much less of a burden rather than going to the gym.

6) We will gain a healthy glow, and a nice natural tan by stying in the sun. Becaus let's face it, sun beds, fake tans, bronzers and all that stuff that should recreate the action of the sun, are chemicals, anly chemicals and UV rays that we are layering on our skin and this on the long run is not good either.

I also want to specifiy that I am by no means promoting excessive and irresponsible sun exposure. Don't go to the beach in summer between 12 and 3pm, always wear a spf 50 that contains PA+++, that is also water resistant. Remember to reapply it every 2 to 3 hours as well, unprotected exposure is not good. The Shisheido Perfect UV protector is a very valid option for a sunscreen.

All I am trying to say is that layering chemicals to fake a tan is worse than getting the real thing while protected by a sunblock. Also I really think that having a nice day at the beach, enyoing yourself and life and getting some wrinkles is better than being super obsessive with skincare and not ahving a good time in life. We will all get old and have wrinkles, it is the natural outcome in life, that doesn't mean that we can't have fun in the process.

What are your opinions about this article? I am looking forward to read them all! x

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