Outifit of the week- Leandra Medine


We all have learnt to love (or hate) Leandra Medine, a.k.a. The Men Repeller, and either way she is today one of the most important names in fashion blogging and street style. Personally I think that Medine's personal style is very often a bit excessive and over the top, but I can't deny that she has a good eye for fashion and some of her outfits are really spot on, like this one.

As this picture was taken from Leandra's Instagram (as you can see it was a group picture that I cropped out in order to avoid confusion) I don't know the designer of this dress as it was not specified. I love however how it was paired, the dress itself is very beautiful, quite folk but I like how the pendant necklaces just cover up the daring neckline and the beautiful statement chocker just pairs up amaizigly. Hair was also done properly as it was quite simple but uncovered the neck and necklace and the makeup is also almost absent (something usual for Leandra) not taking attention away from the outfit.

Bravo Leandra Medine!

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