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Now that April has started we can really say that spring is here, or at least around the corner (I am looking at you Scotland!) and it's also time to ditch the deep nourishing masks and heavily moisturising creams and give in to all the spring and summery products. Here are my favourites:

Chanel Hydra beauty lip balm, a wonderful product for your lips, it looks and feels so luxurious and classy. It is a bit expensive, but it really upgrades your lip game and as spring is the season for a more natural makeup and look your lips have to be on point. Plus we know that Chanel is the best!

Mac BB cream. Perfect for a subtle makeup look, it's flawless and packed with loads of antioxidants and vitamins for the skin. It also provdes a 35 spf sun protection, a must for days that see more and more sun. Ditch your contour palette and surrender to this sleek and subtle BB cream.

KIKO Milano eyeshadow, n.154 in the picture. KIKO eyeshadows are great and cheap, long lasting and saturared with colour, they go very nicely on the eye without the need of primers. You can put very little under your eyes to bring attention to them in a very subtle way, or use it just as an eyeshadow to get a bronzier look without sacrifying the dramatic effect given by a dark colour.

Mac browgel. This one is an all time favourite, it works wonders to keep on point your brows throughout the day and in spring I like to use it on its own without using a brow pencil underneath. You can buy it in different shades of brown up to black for a more dramatic effect, while the transparent one is good if you already have a brow pencil of if you just want to keep the eyebrows in place.

What are your spring products? What make up or skincare products you can't live without in this period? Let me know :)

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