Self tan for pale skin


I did it! I finally did it! I found a good cheap self tanner that won't turn me into an Umpa Lumpa.

I confess two sins here, first of all I had this product for years stashed into a box because the first time I used this self tanner it was summer, in Italy. No wonders I saw no results, I was going to the beach every day anyway, yes give me a Nobel prize for my intelligence.

Second of all I don't like girls that are too tanned, that bronze colour is just not for me, so this tanner is perfect because it won't turn you into Kim Kardashian. If you want her look then this is not a post for you.

Immagine this conversation with your coworker, as this is what is going to happen after a couple of days of double application.

Her: Oh darling, you look so glowing! What foundation are you using?
You: I am not wearing any to be honest
Her: So is this a natural colour?
You: Of course! I went to the sea-side for the weekend, it was so sunny, I think I got tanned. (Of course you didn't, you were curing that hangover and binge watching Netflix)
Her: (enviously nodding): Oooh!

Coworker envy will be achieved by using the Johnson's Holiday skin facial moisturiser over the weekend and faking a trip to a nice famous sea side city or any place faily far away from home where you can get a weekend holiday and a tan.

So the other day while I was playing along my stuff/ trying to avoid any adult responsibilities, I found my old Johnson's Holiday Skin facial moisturizer. I bought it some years back and as you read, I didn't find it very effcient in tanning me. However as I opened it again I saw some dark brown stains where some of the cream might have got, so I thought to myself: "it acutally works!", and decided to try it again.

I have been a couple of days into it, and put it twice a day ( as you can see I am not the most patient girl of them all!) but it works! It really does, 4 applications into it I can see a subtle glow to my skin, and a difference in colour between my neck and face. So far it a very suble and gentle effect, I am not tanned but my skin colour is more even and slightly darker (which makes my redness seem less red). I think this is a very good colour for people with very light skin, such as mine, where most tanners are too drastic. Also we are still in April, so a very dark tan is obviously fake, unless you went to Coachella or Brasil.

I am really surpirsed by the effects of this product as it is very cheap as well (sin n. 3: I don't believe in cheap makeup/skincare products) but it leaves no streaks and just looks very natural and amazing.

I found out they also have a body lotion, so I will try that one too and hopefully it will be as nice!

Have you ever tried this product? Does it work for you or do you use a different self tanner? Let me know x :)

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