How to make money from cosmetic samples on Ebay


Some people buy magazines only to sell out the samples and make some money, other times you simply want to read the magazine but are not interested in the product itself. So here's a short simple guide on how to make the most from these products.

1) Don't sell them the moment you get them, all the other people that bought the magazine will have the same sample to sell and too many of them will be circulating online, meaning that you won't be able to make that much out of them as other people will have lower prices. Wait for at least 3 months (ebay offers a free relist on the second month, which means products will still be online to be sold 2 months after they come out) or even more.

2) Be aware if the product is discontinued, it will gain value as lovers of the products will try to look online if they can find it again before switching to something new.

3) Calculate the price you will be giving it. First look up the price of the whole size product and divide it by the number of grams or milliliters, so you will know how much a gram/mil is worth according to the company. Multiply this by your sample size and you will have the prize the product is officially worth (usually more than what you have spent on the magazine). The difference between the sample size and the magazine is how much money you have gained, check if it's ok for you, if not try to increase your selling price a bit (works better the more months have passed from the magazine release date).

4) Decide whether to give a free delivery or not. If you do then you can increase the price quite a bit, as the buyer won't know effectlively how much you are paying for postal services and he will feel like he's not really paying for it as it's not written up on the bill. If you don't offer free delivery then you need to be ready to sacrifice on the your gains, as paying for delivery always feels like an added burden.

Have you got any other tricks of the trade? x

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